What kind of questions can be answered with Realmatch360?

  • Mix of property ok?

    We are split over the planned mix of property: 3 to 4.5 room residences are set – but is it better to have large and expensive or small and cheap?

    Realmatch360 shows detailed information of demand for number of rooms, square metres and ability to pay for each municipality and each market segment.
    This information shows just how large and expensive the residences can be in order to be absorbed by the demand.

  • Prices marketable?

    We must demonstrate to the investors the marketability of the planned residences. Can we also count on today’s rental prices upon conclusion of the project?

    The fact that the Realmatch360 data stems from consumers who will move house in the coming months or years allows the question of marketability of the residences to not just be answered for today, but also with a view into the future.

  • Construction in stages?

    We have purchased a large property in a conurbation municipality. Is there demand for the construction of so many residences in one go, or should we carry it out in stages?

    The project check from Realmatch360 gives a quick overview of how well the planned development corresponds with the demand.
    A review of the number of inquirers per planned home provides specific information about whether the project needs to be staggered.

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Michael Schiltknecht,
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Realmatch360's demand data helps us anticipate needs and requirements, thereby proactively driving smart solutions.

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