Stefan Schärer

Stefan Schärer has been active in online business for 14 years. He developed Omnimedia online marketing for Scout24 and has grown by 60% with ImmoScout24 over the last four years. As a founder and VRP of, he knows the world of startup companies quite well.

Andy Keel

In combination with 15 years of banking experience, Andy Keel has established a variety of startup companies and managed them successfully. Prior to Realmatch360, he had already been able to gather offline experience with real estate through and Dade-Design.

Dieter Marmet

Dieter Marmet has moved in the fields of real estate marketing and market data for many years. As a proven expert, he has authoritatively participated in the development of Realmatch360.

Daniel Bugmann

As a business-leading partner of Bugmann Stocker Seiler Capital Partners AG, Daniel Bugmann knows the potential synergies between financial economics and real estate. In his role as VR President, this experience and these relationships will come into full bloom.