Support and Sales



German-speaking Switzerland

Patrik Fäh


Bertrand Mingard

Core Team

Andy Egger

Managing Director

Andy Egger has a MA in business administration and broad experience in various companies. He was from the outset responsible for building the Realmatch360platform. Today he manages the business.

Peter Schiratzki

Produkt Manager / Online Marketing

Peter Schiratzki has been active in the online and mobile fields for roughly 15 years. He has a wide array of experience with pages for agencies, banks and not least of all startup companies as the co-founder of Zweii Online Marketing and Spotcontacts.

Markus Popp

Project developer

Markus Popp is a co-founder of Mühlemann & Popp Online Media AG and is among the specialist in the online field with his well-established knowledge and many years of experience.

Dieter Marmet


Dieter Marmet has moved in the fields of real estate marketing and market data for many years. As a proven expert, he has authoritatively participated in the development of Realmatch360.