Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions on background and quality of demand data

How does Realmatch360 know the demand for property?

Realmatch360 makes use of the fact that over 90 percent of today’s buyers (or tenants) also use the Internet when looking for property. And around a half of all online searchers simplify the search process by means of a search subscription. The data for these search subscriptions are anonymized by all the major Internet portals and supplied to Realmatch360, which sorts through, analyzes and statistically prepares the data.

Do the specifications the buyers (or tenants) enter in a search subscription actually correspond to their true needs?

On the whole: yes. Our experience shows that buyers (or tenants) who look for a property in a certain area without receiving a single offer will tend to adjust their search criteria after a certain time, either by increasing their budget or by searching in another area at their existing desired price range. Conversely, buyers (or tenants) who have entered a search price that exceeds their budget will also correct this over time, otherwise they will keep being emailed offers that they can’t afford. As part of a master’s degree project at the University of Zurich, almost 1,500 people were surveyed in 2015 who had used a search subscription. According to this study, the upper price limit entered on average lies 6.7% above the effective willingness to pay.

How does Realmatch360 sort out double-counting and search subscriptions from brokers, for example, who aren’t looking for property themselves but merely observing the market?

The quality control is highly rigorous. Of the approximately 350,000 data sets we receive every night, we only use around half for our statistics. For instance, we filter out double-counting (via encrypted email addresses), any queries that are too general (e.g. ‘looking for an owner-occupied apartment in Canton Zurich’) as well as buyers with a willingness to pay that is too low (e.g. ‘looking for a 4.5-room apartment in Zurich Seefeld for CHF 800 per month’).


What does Realmatch360 do with the sorted demand data?

We offer our clients various services at

  • Market reports per MS region

  • Data analyses on property demand and willingness to pay per community

  • A project check regarding the extent to which a planned project or an existing property matches the needs of buyers

  • A rating tool that identifies the willingness to pay of buyers for each property

Who uses the demand data of Realmatch360 and why?

  • Project developers, for example, to determine the housing mix, set prices and come to decisions regarding any stages of the project

  • Investors, for similar purposes as project developers, as well as for planning renovations or checking their managers

  • Managers and brokers, for determining sales prices or for new and repeat lettings for example

  • Evaluators and consultants, primarily for analyses, project assessments and for determining or checking potential rents in DCF evaluations

  • Public authorities, for example, when planning zones or for forecasting

What is the difference between specific searchers and proximity searchers?

Specific searchers are buyers looking for property in a particular community. Proximity searchers are buyers looking for property in either the selected community or other communities in the near proximity.

Does the willingness to pay indicated for rents include or exclude additional costs?

The gross rents are displayed, i.e. the rents include the additional costs.

What is meant by the term living space?

Simply what the searchers envisage this to mean. This meaning most closely corresponds to the main floor space according to SIA 416.


Several subscriptions and report packages are shown in the price list. What’s the right one for me?

Our clients have very different needs. Generally speaking, everyone should have the opportunity to use the services of Realmatch360:

  • For clients who are only interested in one specific community, there is the option of starting an ad-hoc offline query.
  • For clients who are interested in the property demand in several communities and/or search for property several times a year, we offer the basic subscription.
  • This basic subscription can be topped up with report packages once the reports have been used up.
  • For clients submitting 50-100 detailed queries per year, it is worthwhile to purchase a flat-rate package. This enables the unrestricted use of our services. The prices for flat-rates depend on the size of the company.
  • For clients who are less interested in the services and more interested in the whole data set, there is also the option to purchase these (all flat).

What do I get for my basic subscription?

The basic subscription permits you to access the Realmatch360 platform for one year. With the purchase of a subscription, you receive credit to purchase market reports, detailed analyses or project checks.

Why can’t I use the rating tool (price-setter) with my subscription?

The price-setter is a service that can’t be purchased separately. It is therefore only available to clients with a flat rate (see price list).

Questions concerning registration

Why has my account not yet been approved?

A Realmatch360 employee must check the registration and approve it within six business hours. For urgent inquiries, contact you sales consultant or the email address,

Can I log in from different computers?

Your login is not specific to a computer and you can register with your login data from various devices.

Can I create multiple users for my company?

Yes, multiple users can be created. In doing so, it is important to use the same phrasing for the company when registering. If you have any problems, write an email ( or call us at 044 500 96 30. We will be happy to help you.

Who is able to see my purchased reports, detailed analyses and project checks?

Purchased reports, detailed analyses and project checks are displayed per user. If several colleagues are able to access the purchased services, it is recommend to use the same access data.

Technical Questions

My browser crashes when showing the detailed analysis. What can I do?

Make sure that you are using the current version of your browser.

Other Questions

Where can I send additional questions?

If you have further questions or something is not clear, write an email ( or call us at 044 500 96 30.