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Realmatch360 offers qualified buyer profiles for your projects. Find suitable leads early in your planning process.

  1. Matching

    We select profiles according to your project’s specifications and introduce it by e-mail to potential buyers:


  1. Buyer profiles

    You receive complete profiles of potential buyers

    1409 RM360 Kundenexposé Peter Muster

Your advantages

  • Early stage: Reach potential buyers early in your planning process
  • Project announcement: Talk to leads without posting a public ad
  • Objects not online: You are marketing your real estate in the background

Price models

  Match Contact Lead
We’re selecting matching profiles and introduce your project by e-mail: x x x
You’re receiving all profiles that gave their opt-in: x x
We’re contacting all profiles with opt-in and verify their interest: x
You choose which profiles to acquire*: x
Pricing: CHF 5
per contact-mail
CHF 30
per contact
with opt-in
CHF 120
per selected
buyer profile
+ 0.5% of sales price**

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* Selection based on anonymous profiles ** Only due after house purchase complete